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Siena College’s latest poll has Trump with a good lead over Biden 

Siena College'S Latest Poll Has Trump With A Good Lead Over Biden 

March 4 – The latest New York Times Siena College poll has shown numbers for former president of 48%, where President has 43% for the November presidential election. 

When asked whether or not respondents approve or disapprove of the way Biden is handling his job as president, 61% answered either somewhat disapprove or strongly disapprove. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I was very surprised at the breakout of white, black, Hispanic. The remarkable black vote of 60% for Biden. It just blew my head.”

The Wall Street Journal NBC News poll, which was released this morning, also showed with an expanding lead. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “One of the there is that every national poll that's been released in the last two weeks, every one of them has Trump ahead, and of course, every battleground ground state poll, has Trump ahead. What's interesting about the black voter crosstab, 60% I think another one has it at 70%, that is an awful number for . Historically, the Democratic candidates getting well into the 80s among the black vote, so when they see that eroding into the low 60s, that is a huge red flag if I'm Joe Biden. There's also been some real erosion among college educated voters. That's been typically another group that would support the Democratic candidate. The only soft spot if there is any soft spot for Trump continues to be women and particularly suburban women still show a big slant towards Biden. But again, we've got seven, eight months to go, but Trump has to be feeling good about these .”

Politico reported this morning that the Trump is trying to be more disciplined at rallies. 

Barkdoll said, “Stop re-litigating 2020. Stop all of the personal attacks. This reporting is that he's been staying disciplined these last few weeks at these rallies and his think that that is really translating to new and more support among people who were otherwise on the fence.”

Trump was in Richmond, VA, and Greensboro, NC, over the weekend. 

Ryan noted, “That poor excuse for a mayor in Richmond, Virginia, and some of his tweets and some of his shows how woefully disconnected he is to anything that's going on in the real world. I mean, so in the bag for Joe Biden, who by the way is as I understand it up at Camp David. This Richmond mayor, how blind and how dumb to get this far in the bag for oh, it's Biden all the way. Meanwhile, you look at how the country, 71% think his team has failed on improving the situation for America, 78% describe the border as an emergency or major problem. Ninety-four executive actions in his first days to hurt the American people while you're paying for school, you're paying for food, you're paying for , you're paying for gift cards, you're paying for clothing for millions of illegal aliens, and then I got this Richmond mayor who is full on in. What are you seeing? The possibilities of working in the Biden administration, besides overlooking your own people?”

Barkdoll confirmed, “That probably is part of it. He's also very young and of course it's rumored that he's running for governor of Virginia next year, too. So, yeah, all of that's playing into that, no doubt.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “It still just befuddles me as to how we still are making this about these two men when it's really about the policies. I don't care what Democrat you get in there as president, whether it's Biden or someone else, these policies. They talk about Trump causing chaos. We have chaos all around the country right now. I wanted to get your opinion of that idiotic Washington Post story about how there's moral panic over what's going on with shoplifting and the destruction of , acting like that's some kind of fake story that's being ginned up by Republicans. No, it's the policies that are causing this and this idea that somehow it's about these two men and their personalities that are going to make the difference instead of the reality of which direction we're going either with all Democrats or the establishment Republicans. We're in trouble if either of those two are in charge and not people who want true reform away from these terrible policies causing the real disruptions in our country.”

Barkdoll suggested, “That's precisely the approach voters have to take this year because, look, in spite of these polls, these are the two most unpopular candidates in all of US presidential history. I think when you put it in that context, you've got to revert to policy issues. Forget about the individuals. Forget about how widely they seem to be disliked across the electorate. You need to be thinking more about long term policies. We know immigration, southern , that's the number one issue now in America. Biden has done nothing with it. You have to assume that any even generic Republican candidate that would get into the White House would immediately take action on that. So I think those are the kinds of ways people are going to have to start looking at this. Keep an eye this week, by the way, on does Biden do something between now and/or Thursday night at the State of the Union, on executive orders on the southern border?”

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