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Discover Your Path to Success at the Criminal Justice Career Fair

Unlock Your Future: Exploring Exciting Career Paths at the Criminal Justice Fair

Criminal Justice Agencies Storm Franciscan For Career Fair | News, Sports, Jobs

Criminal Justice Career Fair

Discover Your Path to Success at the Criminal Justice Career Fair

Criminal Justice Career Fair connects students and agencies for .

Exploring the Impact of the Criminal Justice Career Fair

In the realm of career fairs, where aspiring professionals converge to explore opportunities, the Criminal Justice Career Fair at Franciscan University of Steubenville stands out as a beacon of connection and insight. With about 35 agencies represented, it's an event that not only bridges the gap between students and potential employers but also offers a unique perspective on the world of criminal justice. Join us at NewsBurrow as we delve deeper into this exceptional event and uncover its impact from various angles.

Expanding Horizons:
The third-annual Criminal Justice Fair at Franciscan University drew attention for its substantial growth, with this year's event hosting a record-breaking 35 agencies. Charles Nemeth, the professor and director of the university's criminal justice program, emphasized the importance of exposing students to the reality of the criminal justice field. It's not just about studying theories; it's about immersing oneself in the practical world, where agencies test and implement these theories daily.

Federal Presence:
One of the standout agencies present at the fair was the United States Capitol Police. Dareick Barr, a recruiter for the Capitol Police, shed light on the agency's vital role in protecting the legislative branch of the U.S. government. Beyond the glamour of Capitol Hill, Barr emphasized the need for fresh talent to lead the agency into the future. It's an opportunity for young individuals to become custodians of democracy.

Undercover Operations and Investigations:
While many are familiar with traditional law enforcement roles, the fair also introduced attendees to the Ohio Investigative Unit. This clandestine organization conducts undercover investigations into various illicit activities, from liquor violations to human trafficking. Their ability to work undercover and behind the scenes to maintain order in society is a unique facet of the criminal justice field that often goes unnoticed.

The Unseen Side of Border Patrol:
Fataou Morou, the special operations supervisor for the U.S. Border Patrol, provided insights into the agency's multifaceted responsibilities. Beyond what's typically depicted in the , the Border Patrol enforces U.S. Code Title 8, covering laws related to aliens and nationality. Their use of , prosecution, , and intelligence helps maintain the nation's borders, often operating behind the scenes.

DEA's Thrilling Work Environment:
For those seeking a thrilling career, Chris Taylor, a 26-year special agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement (DEA), shared his experiences. He described the challenges of the DEA's work but added that if you land the job, it's so engaging that it doesn't even feel like work. The DEA's role in combating drug-related crime is a crucial aspect of criminal justice that deserves recognition.

A Unique Perspective on Morality:
One aspect that sets Franciscan University's criminal justice program apart is its emphasis on morality and ethics. Professor Nemeth highlighted that their program trains individuals in the moral and ethical traditions that underpin the justice system. It's a unique perspective that encourages students to explore the moral dimensions of their future careers, a rarity in many criminal justice programs.

Diverse Student Engagement:
At the fair, students Grace Jones and Audrey Moreau, studying in the university's criminal justice program, showcased their enthusiasm for networking. They also promoted various program-affiliated student groups, highlighting the of opportunities available within the field. Their involvement demonstrated that the fair wasn't just about agencies; it was about fostering a of future professionals.

Cross-Disciplinary Opportunities:
Even accounting students Abigail Spence and Isabella Zampino saw the value in attending the fair, despite not being part of the criminal justice program. They recognized that any organization, including law enforcement agencies, would require staff. The fair opened their eyes to opportunities in forensic accounting, showcasing the cross-disciplinary nature of careers within criminal justice.

A Call to Engage:
As we reflect on the Criminal Justice Career Fair at Franciscan University, it's evident that it offers more than just a glimpse into potential careers—it provides a gateway to a world where morality, ethics, and law intersect. This unique perspective challenges individuals to consider not only the practical aspects of criminal justice but also the moral dimensions of their actions.

Join the by sharing your thoughts on how morality and ethics impact the criminal justice system. Have you attended a career fair that left a lasting impact? Share your experiences and insights, and let's continue exploring the diverse facets of the criminal justice field.

In conclusion, the Criminal Justice Career Fair at Franciscan University serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of the criminal justice field. It offers students and the public a unique opportunity to engage with agencies, explore diverse career paths, and consider the moral and ethical dimensions of their future roles. It's not just a fair; it's a journey into the heart of justice.

Discover Your Path to Success at the Criminal Justice Career Fair

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The annual Criminal Justice Fair at Franciscan University of Steubenville has unveiled a multitude of opportunities within this critical sector. From discussions with the United States Capitol Police, who protect the nation's legislative branch, to insights from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's special agents, it's evident that this field demands unwavering dedication and preparation.

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