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Maine Microenterprise Dream Team Expands to Fuel Business Growth

Maine’s Microenterprise Dream Team: Fueling Entrepreneurial Success

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Maine Microenterprise Development Team

Maine Microenterprise Dream Team Expands to Fuel Business Growth

empowers for success in the Pine Tree State.

Maine Microenterprise Development Team: Empowering Entrepreneurs for a Thriving Future

In the ever-evolving landscape of Maine's ecosystem, New Ventures Maine continues to lead the charge by adding three exceptional professionals to its microenterprise development team. Oyebanjo Ogunlela, Dion Olmstead, and Destin DeCambre have joined the ranks of this dynamic organization, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, diverse experiences, and a shared vision of supporting entrepreneurs across the state.

Expanding Horizons

The arrival of these three advisors signifies a remarkable expansion for New Ventures Maine. They join a team already filled with seasoned instructors, coaches, and business owners, forming a united front dedicated to serving both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the state.

Janet Smith, the Executive Director of NVME, expressed her excitement about the new additions, highlighting not only their extensive experience but also their genuine enthusiasm for assisting Mainers in launching and growing . This marks a significant step in NVME's mission to foster and statewide.

Meet the Advisors

Oyebanjo Ogunlela, a microenterprise specialist hailing from Orono, has set his sights on becoming a vital resource for entrepreneurs planning and launching businesses in north central and Down East Maine. With a recent Master of Arts degree in Global Policy from the University of Maine and a background as a graduate teaching assistant and lecturer, Ogunlela is well-equipped to offer online classes and expert guidance.

His impressive resume also boasts a tenure as faculty in business and management sciences at Cape Peninsula University of in Cape Town, South . There, he delved into crucial areas like business administration, entrepreneurship, public procurement, green , and disruptive . With 17 years of experience in information technology operations and training, gained from roles with the United Nations World Food Program, Shell Petroleum Development Co., and Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Co., Ogunlela brings a global perspective to the team.

Dion Olmstead joins NVME as a microenterprise specialist based in Lewiston, where he's set to provide business and asset development services and one-on-one coaching to startup and early-stage entrepreneurs in Maine. Olmstead's expertise is deeply rooted in natural-resource and trades-based businesses. His vast experience includes ownership of Franklin Restoration Co. in Farmington, where he managed various building contracts, specializing in the efficient restoration of across the state.

But Olmstead's journey doesn't stop there. He also managed a small jersey herd and successfully ran Maine Mountain Creamery in New Sharon. His agricultural background began at UMaine's Highmoor Farm in Monmouth, a renowned research and development center for Maine's fruit and vegetable growers. His roles there as a research assistant and assistant farm manager prepared him well for his current mission of helping aspiring business owners transform their ideas into profitable ventures.

Destin DeCambre, a family business owner herself, brings a unique perspective to the team. She is now the small business advisor in Northern Maine, specializing in helping entrepreneurs in that region. DeCambre runs DeCambre National Inc., a thriving , alongside her husband.

What sets DeCambre apart is her intimate understanding of small, family-owned businesses and the positive impact they have on communities. Her journey, from a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Southern New Hampshire University to an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Maine at Presque Isle, equips her with the knowledge and experience needed to nurture local businesses.

Embracing a Bright Future

As New Ventures Maine continues its mission to support and uplift Maine's entrepreneurial spirit, these new team members are poised to make significant contributions. Their unique experiences, diverse backgrounds, and unwavering enthusiasm promise to enrich the entrepreneurial landscape across the state.

The arrival of Oyebanjo Ogunlela, Dion Olmstead, and Destin DeCambre is not just a mere hiring announcement. It's a testament to the dedication of NVME to empower entrepreneurs, foster economic growth, and build a prosperous future for Maine. Together, they form a formidable Maine Microenterprise Development Team, primed to make a difference in the lives of countless aspiring business owners.

Join the Conversation

We invite you to share your thoughts on this exciting development. How do you envision these new team members making a positive impact on Maine's business community? Have you had experiences with microenterprise development programs, and what benefits have you witnessed? Join the conversation below and let your voice be heard as we explore this dynamic and transformative journey together.

Maine Microenterprise Dream Team Expands to Fuel Business Growth

Are you inspired by the success stories of dedicated individuals who are making a profound impact on their communities? If so, you're in for a treat. New Ventures Maine has just welcomed three exceptional individuals to its microenterprise development team: Oyebanjo Ogunlela, Dion Olmstead, and Destin DeCambre. Their collective expertise and unwavering commitment to helping Maine's small businesses thrive are nothing short of inspiring.

As you read about their remarkable journeys and dedication to fostering entrepreneurship in the great state of Maine, you'll undoubtedly find yourself motivated to explore new opportunities and enhance your own business acumen. But that's not all – we've curated a selection of Business Coaching Books that can further ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and help you take your ideas to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting, these are designed to provide invaluable insights and guidance.

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