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Montreal’s Innovative Solution to Quieter REM Train Travel

Revolutionary Measures: Quieting Montreal REM Trains for Peaceful Communities

Montreal Rem Noise Reduction
Montreal REM Noise Reduction

Montreal REM train noise reduction

Montreal's Innovative Solution to Quieter REM Train Travel

REM train noise reduction brings hope to residents plagued by train-related disturbances, promising quieter days ahead.

“Montreal REM Train Noise Reduction: A Quieter Future on the Horizon”

In the bustling heart of Montreal, a city known for its vibrant culture and rich history, a modern marvel is making waves – quite literally. Officials at the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) have announced groundbreaking plans to alleviate the pervasive noise that has long plagued the lives of Montreal residents residing near the South Shore train tracks. The introduction of brick-sized rubber absorbers and a unique power grinding process promises to revolutionize the soundscape, making these trains up to ten times quieter to the human ear. But is this a game-changer for Montreal's soundscape, or are there still lingering doubts and concerns?

Complaints about the relentless noise from the REM trains have been echoing through the city streets since the tests began last spring. Residents living in close proximity to the railway tracks have found their lives disrupted by the cacophony of steel wheels against the rails, prompting a plea for action. The hope that these new mitigation measures will alleviate their discomfort is palpable, yet skepticism remains.

“I can be skeptical, and I am because I'm surprised they haven't done that from the start,” voiced Marc Vidricaire, a resident living near the elevated tracks of the REM. His sentiment reflects the sentiment of many who have long questioned why such weren't implemented sooner.

The ambitious plans unveiled by Jean-Marc Arbaud, the CDPQ-Infra CEO, certainly seem promising. The installation of brick-sized rubber absorbers along key points of the tracks promises to reduce the noise and vibrations that emanate just beneath the rail bed. Additionally, the implementation of power grinding, a process akin to sanding, will aim to reduce the noise created at the contact point of the steel wheels and the tracks. These combined measures are projected to reduce by a substantial five to ten decibels.

While these plans may seem revolutionary, it's essential to recognize that they are not a stroke of genius but rather tried-and-tested techniques that have been successfully implemented in other rail systems. Arbaud was quick to point this out during a press conference, emphasizing the feasibility and effectiveness of these measures.

As the implementation of these measures looms, the big question is: will they live up to the expectations and silence the skeptics? Residents are yearning for quieter days and nights, eager to reclaim their outdoor spaces. Marc Vidricaire's inability to enjoy his balcony during the summer speaks volumes about the impact of the noise, not only on comfort but also on the quality of life for affected residents.

It's worth noting that REM officials initially contemplated the installation of sound barriers, but these were deemed ineffective in achieving the desired results. Therefore, the decision to pursue power grinding and demonstrates a willingness to explore innovative solutions to address a long-standing issue.

The timeline for these noise reduction measures is also of interest. Power grinding is scheduled to occur over five days in November, with train services stopping at 10 p.m. to allow workers to carry out the task overnight. The installation of rubber sound absorbers is set to take place between mid-October and mid-December, ensuring that residents can anticipate quieter surroundings as they approach the holiday season.

The cost of these measures is estimated to be less than $10 million, according to Arbaud. This relatively modest could yield significant in terms of improved quality of life for Montreal residents. Beyond the immediate benefits, it's worth considering the long-term impact of reduced noise pollution on property values, , and the overall well-being of the .

Looking ahead, there is even more promise on the horizon. The CEO has hinted at plans to expand these noise reduction measures to the entire 67-kilometer network in . While this may entail further investments and logistical challenges, it could mark a significant step towards creating a more peaceful and harmonious urban environment.

As the REM train noise reduction project unfolds, it is clear that Montreal is on the cusp of transformative change. While skepticism persists, these innovative measures hold the potential to reshape the acoustic landscape of the city, allowing residents to once again enjoy the simple pleasures of life without the disruptive rumble of passing trains. The journey towards a quieter Montreal is underway, and only time will reveal the true impact of these mitigation measures on the city's soundscape. One thing is certain – the residents of Montreal are listening closely, and the future sounds promising.

Montreal's Innovative Solution to Quieter REM Train Travel

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