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Swimming Legend Herb Scogg: A Pioneer of School Swim Programs in Midland

Dive into the Legacy of Herb Scogg: A Pioneer of Midland’s Swim Programs

Herb Scogg Was A Pioneer Of School Swim Programs In Midland

Pioneer of School Swim Programs

Swimming Legend Herb Scogg: A Pioneer of School Swim Programs in Midland

Pioneer of School Swim Programs, Herb Scogg's in developing swim programs in Midland has left an indelible mark on the , shaping the lives of countless students and athletes.

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By Ava Roberts, @AvaJournalism

In the tranquil and tight-knit community of Midland, a name continues to resonate through the years, evoking a sense of admiration and inspiration: Herb Scogg. His passing on October 18 at the age of 93 left an indelible mark on Midland, and as we dive deeper into the story of this remarkable man, we begin to understand the profound influence he had on generations.

Pioneer of School Swim Programs
If you're a resident of Midland or someone who's interested in the legacy of individuals who made an impact, you're probably already familiar with the name Herb Scogg. His legacy is the embodiment of the phrase “pioneer of school swim programs.” Scogg's commitment to fostering a of swimming and reverberates in the thriving Midland Dolphins Swim Club and the swim teams across the secondary schools in Midland Public Schools. He was not merely an educator; he was a mentor, coach, and visionary .

As we reflect on Scogg's journey, it's imperative to recognize that his contributions extended far beyond just teaching. He was a graduate of Monroe and a U.S. Navy veteran, attributes that clearly showcased his determination and dedication.

In 1956, he brought his passion for physical education and swimming to Midland, setting out to create instructional swimming programs at the intermediate school level and a competitive varsity swimming program at Midland High. His vision extended even further as he initiated intermediate school competitive programs for boys at Northeast, Central, and Jefferson schools, often with varsity swimmers as assistant coaches.

It's not every day that someone leaves behind a legacy of such magnitude, inspiring countless students to pursue their dreams and achieve goals they might have never thought possible. Gary Francis, a former student of Scogg, exemplifies the transformative power of a true mentor. He swam for Midland High under Scogg's guidance and credited him with being the catalyst for earning a college degree and eventually becoming a teacher, coach, swim instructor, and official – a remarkable journey that spans nearly six decades.

“He wasn't just a coach, he was a teacher. He was about helping you become the best you can be,” Francis said, emphasizing Scogg's unique gift of nurturing potential.

Emphasizing Communication and Leadership
According to Francis, two pillars of Scogg's success were his unmatched communication skills and his ability to lead by example. Scogg made time for each of his students, ensuring that they felt valued and respected. His dedication to helping individuals develop leadership skills went beyond the confines of the swimming pool, a testament to his enduring influence.

“If you needed to talk with somebody, he was going to be there. But he was also going to set a standard that you had to meet. I always wanted to do the best I could because I felt that's what Herb did,” Francis fondly remembered.

Catalyst for a 42-Year Career
Al Gooch, who encountered Scogg as his swim coach at Dow High, described him as “probably the most influential person” in his life, second only to his parents. Scogg's love for what he did, whether it was officiating or coaching, was infectious. He'd stay after practice and engage in conversations with his students, fostering a sense of community within the pool's four walls.

Scogg's impact rippled through Midland, as he supervised the Central Park pool for 14 years and was instrumental in the opening of Plymouth Pool. In 1971, he transitioned to a role as the Coordinator of , Physical Education, and Athletics. This marked the beginning of the implementation of girls' athletic programs at intermediate and high schools in the area. His vision saw the addition of eight girls' sports programs under his guidance, addressing a glaring disparity in the athletic landscape.

In 1976, he took on the role of a principal at Plymouth, Adams, and Siebert elementary schools. This was followed by an eight-year tenure as the director of school until his retirement in 1994. Shortly after, he was elected to two terms on the MPS Board of Education, a testament to his enduring commitment to education in Midland.

Moreover, Scogg's contributions were not confined to education and swimming. He served on the board of directors of the local American Red Cross for 54 years and was a registered MHSAA swim official for 35 years.

A Call for Community Collaboration
In April, just a few months before his passing, Scogg penned a heartfelt letter to the editor in the Midland News. He urged the community to come together and find solutions to the shortage of indoor swimming facilities in Midland. This final plea echoed his lifelong dedication to improving the community he held dear.

A Final Farewell
Herb Scogg's life and legacy will be celebrated in a funeral service scheduled for Friday, October 27, at 11 a.m. at St. John's Lutheran Church. Friends, family, and all those touched by his remarkable journey may visit the family at Ware Smith Woolever Funeral Home on Thursday, October 26, from 4-7 p.m., and on Friday at the church from 10 a.m. until the time of the service.

As we honor the life of this extraordinary educator, mentor, and visionary, it's clear that Herb Scogg's legacy will continue to shape the community of Midland for generations to come. His story reminds us of the lasting impact that one person's dedication and passion can have on countless lives. Scogg's memory lives on, not only in the pool and the schools but also in the hearts of the people who were fortunate enough to be touched by his presence.

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Herb Scogg's legacy as a pioneer of school swim programs in Midland continues to inspire and uplift us all. He wasn't just a coach; he was a mentor, a leader, and a guide for countless individuals. Scogg's dedication to helping people become the best versions of themselves, both in and out of the , is a testament to his exceptional character.

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Swimming Legend Herb Scogg: A Pioneer of School Swim Programs in Midland

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